born in 1956 -  Silvia Ehrenreich is an Austrian figurative and abstract contemporary artist, living in Vienna, secondary residence in Lower Austria Lunz am See. She has had an interest in drawing and painting since childhood. Bohemia Summer Academy for fine arts in Prague and Kosteletz; Courses in poertrait & nude, abstract paintings, old master technique, Multiple nominations. Numerous national and international participation at exhibitions, art fairs and art projects. Participation in charity events ("Licht ins Dunkel"). 

Being active for over three decades, Silvia Ehrenreich´s art world encompasses a whole universe of themes, techniques and differnt art styles. Silvia´s life motto "movement is life - life is movement" runs through all her series of artworks. Her work explores mostly figurative and abstract art, the relationship between the painter and the viewer, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind.

The constant search for something new is part of her artistic self-image. The experimentation, exploring styles and materials are important design elements for her. Silvia´s main motivs are water, women, figurative compositions, portraits, dance and the interaction of people and the enviroment.

Objectivity and abstraction, reality and fantasy merge into one another. Silvia wants to convey feelings, passion, sensation and dreams, but also react critically to social conditions, deal with the present and the past. With her penchant for melancholy and longing, she creates again and again dreamy and fairytale worlds. Emotion and spontaneity characterize her abstract work. The haptic quality and the painterly statement often develop directly in the work process. By pouring, scratching, coloring directly with her fingers and using various means such as chalk and charcoal, the artist provides structures that the viewer can immerse themselves in.


Since the start of the pandemic, Silvia created her new series "Mickey Mouse & Co." (comics on canvas) and "Seascapes" in calm blue tones, painted on round canvases, as a welcome balance to communicate positive thoughts.